Siyakhana’s services are aligned to the National plans to scale-up South Africa’s fight against HIV/Aids. Both integrate the management of tuberculosis (TB) into efforts against the epidemic. Download the National Strategic Plan on HIV, STIs and TB – summary 

The Siyakhana HIV + TB awareness and screening service package includes:

  • Awareness training to all staff
  • Management training on best practice in handling HIV + TB in the workplace
  • The development of a workplace policy
  • Promotion and distribution of condoms
  • Peer Educator Training


Knowledge, attitudes and behaviour around HIV + TB place many people at high risk. The Siyakhana SME Project provides information that ranges from prevention through to the importance of testing and treatment. The training advocates that reduced stigma and denial around HIV and AIDS and Tuberculosis are necessary components of prevention. Trained nurses offer the training and also conduct the testing. The continuity from awareness through training to counselling increases testing rates.


Management training places HIV and AIDS and Tuberculosis in a risk management paradigm and discourages discrimination and denial. It also emphasises that workplace responses to HIV + TB need to be sustained as there is a correlation between ongoing awareness within workplaces and reduced risk behavior.


This process identifies a structured approach to HIV + TB in the workplace and also identifies focal persons within companies who will champion the company’s ongoing attention to HIV + TB.


Peer educators are identified and trained to disseminate information, to provide support, and to encourage best-practice responses to HIV + TB amongst their peers.