HIV positive employees access a specially trained general practitioner network which enables them to minimise absence from work and receive a high level of health care.

Employees and family members can select a GP that satisfies their confidentiality concerns. This approach addresses the reality that on-site HIV treatment for employees is often unsuccessful because of the pervasive stigma attached to the disease and that treatment at public sector services is fraught with delays and long queues.

Patient training is a critical component of treatment and HIV positive employees and a friend or colleague of their choice attend two weekend training sessions which address the importance of compliance when on treatment which continues for life, and of living positively. Overall healthy living is advocated.

The cost of anti-retroviral and related medication, general practitioner consultation, laboratory and related cost as well as disease management services (including clinical monitoring and ongoing support to treating doctors) are carried by BroadReach Healthcare LLC through a PEPFAR grant. The treatment programme is based on guidelines provided by the National Department of Health.


Siyakhana provides ongoing support to companies through regular focal person meetings and to HIV positive employees and their dependants through the treatment network and ongoing counselling services.